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Under Promise, Over Deliver

truckload freightWhat do most presidential candidates have in common with typical customer service experiences today? Many would argue it’s their tendency to over promise and then fall short on those promises when it’s time to stand up and deliver. Grandiose statements usually win, they energize audiences, excite the crowd, but are they realistic? As the nation closes a chapter on our 2016 election and embraces our future Commander in Chief, Americans look forward to seeing how the platforms described in the campaigning phase will be enacted once in office. This is also typical when you enter into any purchasing agreement as well. How long will the honeymoon last? How long until the first miscommunication? The first success? The first failure? How will the delivered service either reinforce or refute what we thought we were getting?

There are several ways to avoid buyer’s remorse, but the burden should fall on that of the candidate, the possible provider for your service, and it’s in their best interests to make certain you are educated on what they can and cannot offer in order to retain you as a customer and ensure you’re happy with the service you received! At Hybrid, this is one of our core values and we call it “Under promise and over deliver”. Here are a few ways we live up to the hype from our sales call to the time we mark your first load delivered.

  1. Communication-all along the way, even when you’re not wondering where the load is, we’re telling you!
  2. Education-keeping the driver in the loop, including the load specifics and pickup #’s or special requirements. Also, in educating the shipper with who’s coming to get the load and when, as well as how to avoid issues along the way!
  3. Realism-drivers sometimes forget to account for things like traffic or unexpected delays/detours in their route when they provide an eta, so at Hybrid, we anticipate these extra things and give you a very realistic portrait of what can and cannot be done, especially with hours of service regulations, to make sure you’re building true expectations.

If you’re tired of your candidate promising the world and delivering anything less, give Hybrid a call for a quick quote and customer service you can rely on.

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